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About Me 

Robin Gamble is a passionate individual with a creative spirit and a deep appreciation for art. Driven by a desire to fulfill her dreams, Robin embarked on a personal journey to explore their artistic talents and bring beauty into the world.

For the past 5 years, Robin has dedicated her time and energy to what she loves the most – creating beautiful moments for her clients.  Whether it's capturing personal memories or helping others tell their stories, Robin's photography skills have become their chosen medium for self-expression and connection.

Moreover, Robin's love for photography extends beyond their own creative pursuits. 

Robin has taken the initiative to make a positive impact in her community by restructuring a photography program for youth at Focus Hope. Through this program, Robin shares her expertise, helping young individuals discover their own artistic potential and fostering a love for photography.

In addition to her photography work, Robin offers a range of services to cater to various needs. This includes marketing/branding consulting, public speaking coaching, and photography lessons,  providing guidance for both personal and business brands. She also offers support for business startups, recognizing the importance of helping others bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life. Furthermore, Robin's skills extend to videography and documentary film allowing her to capture moments in motion and create visually compelling narratives.

Through her dedication and diverse skill set, Robin Gamble has become a valuable resource for those seeking artistic and creative services. Her ability to bring visions to life through photography, marketing, branding, business development, and videography has made her a trusted professional in their field.

As Robin continues on their artistic journey, their passion and commitment will undoubtedly continue to impact and inspire those around them.

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